Custom Movement


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Custom Movement implemented with 100% Blueprint that supports ladder and climbing movements.

All movement is done in character Blueprint without complex implementation.

Express natural movement with minimal animation.

Implemented in Custom Mode of CharacterMovement and supports network play.

It is a simple structure that is easy to understand and is recommended for beginners who want to implement custom movements.

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Technical Details


  • Custom Movement
  • Ladder
  • Climbing
  • Network Play
Number of Blueprints:

2 Enumeration

  • ECustomMovementMode - Define mode type when using custom movement mode
  • ECustomMoveZoneType - Defines the type of custom movement zone
1 Struct

  • SCustomMoveZone - Basic information structure of custom movement zone
2 Interface

  • BPI_CustomMoveZone_Ladder - Define interface of ladder custom movement zone
  • BPI_CustomMoveZone_Climbing - Climbing Custom definition of custom movement zone
3 Blueprint

  • BP_CustomMoveThirdPersonCharacter - Move and animate according to custom movement zone
  • BP_Zone_Holds - Interface implementation of climbing custom movement zone
  • BP_Zone_Ladder - Interface implementation of ladder custom movement zone
1 Animation Blueprint

  • ABP_ThirdPerson - Apply custom movement zone animations
1 GameMode

  • BP_CustomMoveThirdPersonGameMode - Simply set BP_CustomMoveThirdPersonCharacter to Default Pawn Class

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

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